About LucrOit

LucrOit is a brand that was born from the photographer's needs to use filters on those lenses where the curve lens didn't allow it. This is why our first product was invented: the LucrOit Filter Holder 165mm, currently we have another 100mm model that follows the steps of his bigger brother opening to a more general but same exigent public.

LucrOit 's mission is to create useful items for photographers to facilitate their work making it a comfortable and pleasant task , our goal is that the photographer focus all the talent and attention on taking photographs and not on how to solve their issues for taking it.

Thanks to the experience on a day to day taking pictures and to the photographers who have supported us, we had all little details in mind during the development of a system made by and for photographers.

The engineers work in the development of the system, gets shape in the production department. Then, the quality department checks the part fits the design, then they get strict tests. Once double checked, are packaged and ready for you.