LucrOit wouldn’t have any sense without support and suggestions of all the people that have appeared through the gestation process of this filter holder, with the unique interest of getting the best quality, comfort and simplicity from a product that photographers were asking from a while.

José Ramón Irusta

The North Photo Tours landscape photographer

Because for him we got the idea

Juan José García Vaquero (Logan for friends)

Landscape and night photographer

For his technique advices and moral support

Mario Rubio

Landscape and night photographer

For the strict and rigorous follow up through the whole process, paying special attention to little details. Those details has been the most important for its big evolution


(Spanish abbreviation of LA PAZ Photographic Association)

For solving flare problems that we had in the initial version

José Benito Ruiz

(his name doesn’t need presentation)

For giving us his huge and appreciated knowledges about glasses, filters and lenses and introduce them to the system

Manuel Mata Oliver

Landscape photographer

For his technique contribution

Javier Alonso Torre y David Cidre

The North Photo Tours Landscape photographers

For testing the holder in every singles phases

Javier Fernández Sánchez

FotoAccesorios CEO

For his interest and collaboration introducing us to Formatt Hitech Ltd

David Stamp

Formatt Hitech CEO

For his constant follow up, moral support and the big faith that he deposited in this product, making a completely new filter line inexistent in the market, specifically for this holder

José Luis Mur

Fotocasión CEO

For his interest since the firsts sketches and draws of this product, for offering to lend us all kind of stuff we needed and contribute all his knowledge of many years of professionalism


For their engineer softwares to develop this product. MASTER_CAM and TOP SOLID

Utillajes Huerta

For taking lenses precision measurements with their three-dimensional DEA machine

To all of you I want to let you know that THANK to you and with you I have lived and worked a professional time of my life that I wouldn’t never imagined. For this:

Thanks a lot to everyone

And over all to my sons:


Mario ROI

Signed: Javier Olmedo Tejedor