Filter Holder is for using filters, it is specially useful when the lens shape doesn’t allow us to use conventional threaded filters.

No, it won’t scratch or hurt your camera. An elastomer in the adapter ring is in charge to protect it.

Let us show you a video:

Usage, tips & tricks

Zero! We have developed a plug & play system, as much easy and intuitive as we can.

Let us show you a video:

You just have to thread or put the adapter ring onto the lens as shown in the following setup instructions.

  1. Comon Adapter ring
  2. Threaded Adapter Ring
  3. Zeiss 15mm Kit
  4. Canon 17 TSE y 8-15 fisheye and 100mm specific adapter ring.

No, our plug & play system allows set the holder from the camera front, for a faster and a more comfortable setup.

No, thanks to our patented system, we have several adapter rings to different lenses in the market as Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tokina ...

LucrOit 165mm HolderLucrOit 100mm Holder
Canon 14mm L Rosca 82 - 82 mm Thread
Canon 14mm LII Rosca 77 - 82 mm Thread
Canon TS-E 17mm Rosca 77 - 77 mm Thread
Canon 8-15 Fisheye Rosca 72 - 77 mm Thread
Nikon 14-24 Rosca 72 - 72 mm Thread
Olympus 7-14 Rosca 67 - 72 mm Thread
Sigma 12-24 Rosca 67 - 67 mm Thread
Sigma 8-16 Rosca 62 - 67 mm Thread
Tokina 16-28 Rosca 62 - 62 mm Thread
Panasonic 7-14 58 - 62 mm Thread
Peleng 8mm 58 - 58 mm Thread
Samyang 14mm 55 - 58 mm Thread
Samyang 8mm 55 - 55 mm Thread
72mm Thread Rosca 52 - 55 mm Thread
72 - 77mm Thread 52 - 52 mm Thread
77mm Thread 49 - 52 mm Thread
77 - 82mm Thread 49 - 49 mm Thread
82mm Thread 82 mm Slim
82 - 95mm Thread 77 mm Slim
95mm Thread 72 mm Slim
95 - 105mm Thread 67 mm Slim
Carl Zeiss 15mm Distagon T  
Hasselblad95mm Circular Filter  

No, you only have to buy one filter holder and as many adapter rings as lenses you have to use the holder.

It depends of your lens, if your lens vignettes so will it with the holder and if your lens doesn’t vignette, so won’t it with the holder.

Sure, the LucrOit 165mm holder is being designed for being attached to all LucrOit adapter ring compatible with it. The LucrOit 100mm holder is being designed for being attached to all LucrOit adapter ring compatible with it. You can see a compatibility spreadsheet here (question Does it work only with Nikon 14-24mm lens?)

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